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Gutic apartments is new, comfortable, at the most affordable prices and quality accommodation in Sutomore. An oasis of peace and comfort for those who love to travel and enjoy staying in the coastal regions. The apartments are located in Sutomore, Mirošica 1st Street Kosovska 3, municipality of Bar. The facility consists of two interrelated parts: one part is four-stories and is intended hosts and staff apartments. The second part of the four-storey and comprises 19 apartments associated common corridors, the ground floor is a garage with 10 parking spaces. All apartments are of type 'studio' 2-5 beds, a kitchen with utensils and kitchen induction hob, a bathroom, a balcony with table and chairs, air conditioning, refrigerator, free WiFi, TV in almost every apartment ...

Distance of the object from different places and institutions:
-Bus station 200m
-from the train station 450m
-the promenade 400m
-450m from the beach
-140m from shops
-from the supermarket 200m
-ambulance 400m
-from the chemists 300m
-4 km from Bar
-35 km from Budva
-30 km from Ulcinj

Gutic apartments in the future ...
 As it comes to a new facility, our goal is to get as many refine and categorize the high level, so that from the next tourist season we strive to complete the building until the end, where it will be erected on the roof of a restaurant with a bar, a private room with a Jacuzzi for more person. Apartments will own authentic name and logo that will be the trademark of certain equipment and accessories used in apartments. We own a cable television and internet in each apartment separately. Rental cars and engines at two and four wheels, and the greatest ambition-owning yachts smaller capacity that users will be able to rent them out for a ride along the Adriatic coast. With your support and the use of service apartments Gutic we hope that we will achieve their ambitions and make your stay more enjoyable, interesting, unusual and above all memorable, and you will always have in Sutomore where you stop without you doubt the quality of service that we offer. Our desire is to spend pleasant moments during his stay in Gutic apartments.  We look forward to seeing you!
 Family Gutic.

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